Table of Contents

   What this Book includes
   Is This Book for You
   What Do You Need to Use This Book
   How The Book Is Organized
   Changes in this Book
   Using Code Examples
   Customer Support

Chapter 1 Overview of C# and WPF Programming
   New Features in WPF

   XAML basics

      Why Is XAML Needed?
      Creating XAML Files
      Code-Behind Files
Your First WPF Program

      Properties in XAML
      Event Handlers in Code-Behind Files
      Code-Only Example
      XAML-Only Example

Chapter 2 Introduction to MVVM
   A Simple MVVM Example

      Why Fields Not Updated
      Right Way for Data Binding
      Command Binding
   Advanced Topics in MVVM

      Lambda Expression
      Caller Info Attributes
      Property Changed Base Class
      Open-Source MVVM Tool Kits
   MVVM with Caliburn.Micro

      Simple Data Binding
      Communication between View Models
Chapter 3 Database and ADO.NET Entity Framework
   Local Database

      Sample Database
      SQL Queries
         GROUP BY Clause
         Pivot Operation
         Aggregate Functions
      Database Development
   ADO.NET Entity Framework

      Creating Entity Data Model
      Working with Entity Data
      Yahoo Stock Data Downloader
         CSV Convertor and Yahoo Market Data API
         Download Data from Yahoo

Chapter 4 2D Line Charts
   2D Coordinate Systems

      Default Coordinate System
      Custom Coordinate Systems
      Custom Coordinate System for 2D Charts
   Simple Line Charts

   Line Charts with Chart Style

      Chart Style
      Line Series
      Creating Line Charts
   Gridlines and Labels

      Chart Style with Gridlines
      Creating a Chart with Gridlines

      Legend Class
      Creating a Chart with a Legend

      Defining Symbols
      Symbol Class
      Creating a Chart with Symbols
   Line Charts with Two Y Axes

      Why You Need Two Y Axes
      Chart Style with Two Y Axes
      Creating a Chart with Two Y Axes
   Line Charts using DrawingVisual

      Line Series
      DrawingModel Class
      Creating Line Charts

Chapter 5 Specialized 2D Charts
   Bar Charts

      BarSeries for Bar Charts
      BarChartStyle class
      Creating Simple Bar Charts
      Creating Group Bar Charts
      Creating Overlay Charts
      Creating Stacked Bar Charts
   Stair Step Charts

      Data Series and Chart Style
      Creating Stair Step Charts
   Stem Charts

   Error Bar Charts

   Area Charts

   Polar Charts

      Chart Style for Polar Charts
      Creating Polar Charts
   Pie Charts

      Chart Style for Pie Charts
      Legend for Pie Charts
      Creating Pie Charts
Chapter 6 Stock Charts
   Get Stock Data

      Entity Data Model and Data Access Layer
      Retrieve Stock Data
   Creating Stock Charts

      Chart Style for Time Series
      Data Series and Chart Style for Stock Charts
      Line Charts for Stock Prices
      Volume Charts
      HL and HLOC Stock Charts
      Candlestick Stock Charts
   Moving Averages

      Simple Moving Averages
      Weighted Moving Averages
      Exponential Moving Averages
      Z Scores
   Linear Analysis

      Simple Linear Regression
      2D Principal Component Analysis
      Test Linear Regression and PCA
   Retrieving Chart Data

Chapter 7 2D Chart Controls
   Line Chart Control

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using Line Chart Control
         Creating a Simple Line Chart
         Creating Multiple Line Charts
   Line 2Y Chart Control

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using Line 2Y Control
   Stock Chart Control

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using Stock Chart Control
   Real-time Charts Using Chart Controls

      Real-Time Line Charts
      Real-Time Stock Charts

Chapter 8 3D Charts
   3D Matrices in WPF

      3D Points and Vectors
      Matrix3D Structure
   3D Coordinate System

      Azimuth and Elevation View
      Creating a Cube
   Chart Style in 3D

      3D Coordinate Axes
      Testing the Project
   3D Line Charts

      Testing the Project
   3D Surface Charts

         DataSeries Class
         Chart Functions
         Add3DChart Class
      Mesh Charts
      Curtain Charts
      Waterfall Charts
      Surface Charts
Specialized 3D Charts

      2D Chart Style
      AddS3DChart Class
      Color Charts on the X-Y Plane
         Testing X-Y Color Charts
      Contour Charts
         Testing Contour Charts
      Combination Charts
         X-Y Color Charts in 3D
         Contour Charts in 3D
         Filled Contour Charts
         Mesh Contour Charts
         Surface Contour Charts
         Surface-Filled Contour Charts
   3D Bar Charts

      Testing 3D Bar Charts
Chapter 9 3D Chart Controls
   3D Line Charts

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using 3D Line Chart Control
   3D Surface-Like Charts

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using 3D Surface-Like Chart Control
   3D Specialized Charts

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using 3D Specialized Chart Control
      X-Y Color Charts
      Contour Charts
      Combination Charts
   3D Bar Charts

      Defining Dependency Properties
      Using 3D Bar Charts