Practical C# Charts and Graphics

Practical C# Charts and Graphics

ISBN: 9780979372506, Publish Date: 2007

Paperback: $59.99

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About this Book

"Practical C# Charts and Graphics" presents a complete and comprehensive introduction to C# chart and graphics capabilities, and explains in great detail and depth how to create a variety of C# graphics and charts. It provides all the tools you need to add advanced graphics and charts to your C# applications.

You can read the Introduction for an overview of the book, and the Table of Contents for more detailed information about the scope of the book. From this information, you can get a feeling of the way the book provides original and detailed materials to help you create sophisticated charts and graphics in your .NET applications using C#, GDI+, and Windows Forms.

Examples in the book teach you how to create various popular C# graphics and charts, including a US flag, 2D XY chart, stock chart, contour chart, 3D surface chart, and 4D Slice chart. The book provides about 65 ready-to-run sample programs that allow you to explore the C# chart and graphics techniques described in the book. You can modify these sample codes or add new features to them to form the basis of your own chart and graphics packages. Some of the example programs are already sophisticated chart and graphics packages that can be used directly in your own real-world C# applications.

The book also includes a chapter that shows you how to integrate Microsoft Excel chart functionality into C# applications. This chapter is designed specifically for readers who prefer not to create their own C# chart programs from scratch, and would like to take advantage of Excel wide selection of chart types.